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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft? Here’s All You Need to Know

Auto insurance is a legal contract that guarantees your car’s protection in case of financial losses caused by theft or accidents. Insured individuals pay a premium every year, in exchange for which insurance companies agree to pay for the incurred losses mentioned in the contract. 


Auto insurance policies are typically renewable and are issued for a six-month or one-year timeframe. While you have the option to personalize your auto insurance coverage options, basic auto insurance provides coverage for property, liability, and medical. According to the Insurance Information Institute, property coverage covers any damage caused to the car; liability coverage covers the legal responsibility of any injuries or physical damage incurred, while medical coverage includes the payment of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and funeral expenses. 


More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States every year. The rising number of vehicle theft raises concerns among policyholders about vehicle theft coverage. While some policies might cover theft associated with automobiles, your insurance advisor can further help you clarify your contract in the context of vehicle theft.

In Case Of A Break-In

A car break-in involves broken windows, smashed tires, or a damaged ignition system. This damage can be covered if you choose to opt for comprehensive
coverage for your auto insurance policy.


A comprehensive insurance policy helps you pay for damage caused by collision, theft, or natural disasters. You can also claim a loss if the vehicle is subjected to fire, an explosion, or accidents involving animals.

car with broken glass

In Case Of Vehicle Theft

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your vehicle has been stolen. Most policyholders are usually confused about filing a claim for stolen cars and how to be reimbursed for the loss. Having liability insurance is mandatory for all licensed drivers.


However, liability insurance does not cover the costs of vehicle theft. Therefore, it becomes essential to purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy because it pays for the value of your car if it is stolen. 


It is crucial to provide the company with the car’s documents and its value so that the claimed loss can be covered without hassle. 

In Case Of Stolen Personal Items

Some thieves don’t steal your car; they’re more interested in stealing your belongings from the vehicle. While comprehensive coverage can cover damaged cause due to the break-in, unfortunately, an auto insurance policy does not cover the costs of personal items present in the automobile.

These belongings, however, can be covered by homeowners or renter’s insurance Long Beach CA. Therefore, if your car is subject to a break-in and your personal items are missing, you will be required to file multiple (at least 2) insurance claims. You should consult with a professional insurance agent for further guidance. 

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