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Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance

Save Money for Every Mile You Don't Drive

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

With gas prices on the rise and many people opting to work from home or use ride-sharing services, traditional auto insurance premiums might feel out of sync with your driving habits. Enter Pay Per Mile car insurance, a growing trend designed to be fairer to those who drive less.

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

Traditional vs. Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

Traditional auto insurance calculates your premium based on factors like your age, location, driving record, and the type of car you drive. This can be a disadvantage for low-mileage drivers who end up subsidizing the costs of high-mileage drivers.

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance, on the other hand, tailors your premium to the actual miles you drive. Here’s how it works:

  • Base Rate: You’ll pay a base rate to cover administrative costs, similar to traditional insurance.
  • Per-Mile Rate: Every mile you drive incurs a small additional charge.

This structure rewards low-mileage drivers with potentially significant savings.

Who Should Consider PPM?

  • Work-From-Homers and Low-Mileage Drivers: If you primarily use your car for errands or occasional trips, PPM can be a great way to avoid overpaying for unused coverage.
  • Urban Dwellers with Alternatives: People living in cities with robust public transportation or bike-friendly infrastructure might find PPM ideal.

Finding the Right PPM Provider

While PPM is gaining traction, it’s still not offered by every insurer. Here’s where Global Guard Insurance comes in.

Global Guard: Your Gateway to Potential PPM Savings

Global Guard Insurance is committed to helping you find the best possible auto insurance rates. We understand that not everyone drives the same, and that’s why we work with a network of leading insurance providers, including those offering PPM options.

The Global Guard Advantage

  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable agents will assess your driving habits and recommend the most suitable coverage options, including PPM if it fits your needs.
  • Multiple Quote Comparison: We’ll shop around for you, obtaining quotes from traditional and PPM insurers to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Seamless Transition: If you decide on PPM, we’ll guide you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you might have.

Don’t Pay for Miles You Don’t Drive

Contact Global Guard Insurance today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us help you explore the potential benefits of PPM and find the perfect auto insurance plan that reflects your driving habits and saves you money. Remember, with Global Guard, you only pay for the coverage you need, and not a single unnecessary mile.