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Is insurance necessary for a small business?


Small business owners and start-ups often think insurance is too expensive or not necessary. That’s a big mistake, according to seasoned experts in the field of risk management. Sometimes, you need insurance just in case something goes wrong later. Other times, there’s a possibility that your landlord or vendors will require it before they sign on with you. And sometimes it can even help you avoid problems by giving you a chance to think through the details of your operations in advance. “If insurance wasn’t important, why would large companies spend millions of dollars each year to provide employee benefits?” says Eric Meermann, director of wealth management at Palisades Hudson Financial Group. “Now multiply that by 10 for every time a small business owner has made payments on an insurance policy—for auto coverage, workers’ compensation, and liability—and then never needed anything.” Here are some reasons why you should get insurance:

Small business owners often think insurance is too expensive or not necessary.

There are several types of insurance that small business owners can purchase. Insurance is a necessary part of running a business. Some small businesses have been able to get away with not purchasing any type of insurance because they have been lucky enough to not have any accidents or emergencies during their time as a business owner. However, the best way to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses is by having some type of coverage plan in place; especially if you own a small company and do not have the funds available if something happens unexpectedly. The most common types include general liability, property damage/personal injury protection (PDPIP), medical payments (Med Pay), equipment breakdown/business interruption coverage along with others depending on what risks your business faces every day!

Here are some reasons why you should get insurance.

The answer is yes, small businesses should get insurance. Here are some reasons why:

  • Insurance protects your business and your employees in case of an accident or legal problem. You may be fined or held liable for damages caused by an employee who was driving a company car without a license, for example, so it’s safer to be covered by insurance schemes such as Employer’s Liability cover or Third-Party Property Damage cover.
  • Insurance can help you avoid losing money on lawsuits and fines. Yet another reason why small businesses need to be insured is that it helps them keep their money safe from any legal problems that might arise due to negligence on their part (or someone else’s). For instance, if one of your clients sues you after suffering injuries while visiting one of your stores because they tripped on something that wasn’t there before then – and they win the case – then it costs them nothing because all expenses will be covered by whichever insurance policy covers those lawsuits.

If your small business gets sued, you’ll be glad you have coverage should you need to hire a lawyer and go through the legal process. If an employee is injured on the job or if someone sues your company for violating their rights as an employee, you can’t afford to get hit with exorbitant court costs or payouts. Insurance policies are a wise investment for small businesses in many cases.

You can handle unexpected situations by transferring the risk to an insurance company. If you have an insurance policy, you can transfer the risk to them. You don’t have to worry about paying for the damage that your business has caused. Insurance companies have resources and experts on hand who will help you deal with unexpected situations and get your company back on track. We also have experience dealing with unexpected situations, so we know what needs to be done and how long it will take.

Your landlord or vendors may require it before they sign on with youYour landlord or vendors may require it before they sign on with you. If you’re a vendor, then it’s also likely that your customer will request proof of insurance before doing business with you.

Your employees will be more likely to choose to work at a company where they know they’ll have medical support should they get injured. You’ll be able to give your employees a sense of security and stability. They will know that, if they get injured, they can count on you not to leave them hanging in their time of need. This can help you attract and keep quality workers, which translates into productivity and profitability for your business.

Getting an insurance policy will help you think in detail about your operations, including who’d be responsible if something goes wrong. There are many risks involved in any business, including:

  • the risk of theft or damage to your property
  • the risk of injury or death on the job
  • the risk that you might accidentally harm a customer or employee

Getting an insurance policy will help you think in detail about your operations, including who’d be responsible if something goes wrong. It can also help ensure that you’re prepared for those worst-case scenarios—and that means fewer surprises down the line.


Insurance is a great way to prepare for the unexpected and protect yourself financially against any number of possible disasters. It can also help you think through the various risks associated with running a business, which may allow you to take steps to avoid those risks in the first place. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to insurance, so be sure not to get a policy that doesn’t meet your needs. Finally, remember that it doesn’t need to break the bank—you may just want some coverage for your home office or basic medical care for employees in case of an emergency. Whatever your needs are, Global Guard Insurance has plans that work perfectly well without breaking your budget!

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