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Here’s How Motorcycle Insurance Works in Paramount, CA

Motorcycle crashes can cause very serious injuries to both the driver and the guest passenger.

Motorcycle crashes can cause very serious injuries to both the driver and the guest passenger. According to the experts at Forbes, for motorcyclists to be safer on the US roads, there is a need to:

.        Invest in crash warning and prevention systems

·        Get adequate motorcycle insurance

Here’s all you need to know about motorcycle insurance in Paramount, CA:

How Are Motorcycle Insurance and Car Insurance Different?

Motorcycle insurance coverage is different from traditional vehicle insurance. The insurance that covers your regular passenger will not pay for the damage if
they crash on their motorcycle. Anyone driving a bike without the required
insurance will be subject to the same penalties as someone driving a regular
uninsured vehicle.

If you’re driving a car, your auto insurance policy covers your passengers too.
However, in the case of a motorcycle insurance policy, you need to buy separate passenger liability coverage for the guest. 

Other than that, personal injury protection from motorcycle insurance is generally more expensive compared to car insurance. This is because motorcycle crashes lead to far more severe injuries than car crashes. According to Reuters, motorcycle crash injuries also cost twice as much as car crash injuries to treat. 

For the motorcycle insurance, you might need to pay additional premiums if you have add-ons like a backrest, helmet, and saddlebags

An insured motorcyclist on the roads in Paramount, CA

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provides financial protection if you’ve met an accident and you aren’t at fault. Let’s say another driver is at fault and they aren’t insured enough. This coverage will help you pay for the damages. The uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage usually pays for medical costs, bike repairs, and other expenses. If you don’t have the policy, you’ll have to pay for the damages yourself. This is like an additional assurance that makes the overall policy more affordable.

Required Levels of Coverage

The required levels of motorcycle insurance coverage are the same as that of your car. The law of California mandates that each policyholder purchase a minimum amount of 15/30/5.

This means that your policy must include $15,000 for bodily injury incurred by
someone else on the accident site, $30,000 for injuries sustained by the
passengers, and $5,000 for any property damage. These are the minimum amount of coverage requirements. However, you can always purchase higher coverage than the minimum requirements.

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