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How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

With the excitement of buying your first car comes a bunch of additional paperwork and costs you didn’t want to think about—car insurance is one of them.

As you browse through the options different insurers are offering, you’ll find
yourself asking:

“How much car insurance do I really need?”

The quick answer to this is that you NEED the minimum amount your state
requires you to have. That being said, minimum car insurance may not cover all
your needs in an accident.

Are you really willing to risk your life to save money, or would you rather find a
policy that provides adequate coverage with affordable premiums?

You need to find a policy that provides the following:

·        Up to $100,000 to cover the cost of medical bills of those you may injure in an accident

·        A $300,000 cap per accident to cover all costs you may incur

·       $100,000 to cover any property damage and repairs for other

Why Minimum Levels of Liability Are Not Recommended


Although it’s tempting to go for the most affordable auto insurance policy, it’s not useful. When you’re paying for car insurance, you should be able to rely on it in your time of need.

You’ll be happy paying low monthly premiums, but in case of an accident, you’ll regret not having a better auto insurance policy.

Minimum liability only makes sense when you can’t afford to pay any more money, and you don’t have any assets that can be taken from you if you’re in an accident.

If you don’t have savings or any valuable assets, you become “judgment proof”,
meaning if you lose after a plaintiff decides to take you to court, they can’t take anything from you because you don’t have assets.

Experts Advice on Auto Insurance Coverage Recommendations

Experts have developed three liability insurance levels that car owners can use as a reference when buying auto insurance.

The levels are split into three numbers.

The first and second are for bodily injury liability. This pays for the hospitalization bills of anyone who is injured due to your mistake. The first
number is the limit per person. The second number is on a per accident basis.

The third number refers to property damage; it includes the cost of repairs and
replacement of the plaintiff’s property.

Three levels of minimum liability insurance:

·        50/100/50: This level is most appropriate for anyone who has a very tight budget and owns an older car, and only drives when needed. It’s best for elderly people and college students.

·       100/300/100: This level is most suitable for middle-level income earners with adequate savings.

·        250/500/100: This level of insurance is best for car owners with a lot of money saved up. If the policy buyers can afford to invest in an umbrella that costs a million dollars or more, they should go for it to protect them from losing assets in an accident.

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What Every First-time Apartment Owner Needs to Invest in for their Needs

If you’ve saved up enough to buy an apartment
to settle in because, let’s face it, not everyone can or even wants to own a home, you should start by patting yourself on the back for this achievement.

Next, if you’ve found the right apartment to move into, you should look into the safety and general features of your home, in addition to food, kitchenware, bedroom and bathroom essentials and more. As a first-time homeowner, there are some things you should invest in, including:

1.     Security for your space

First thing’s first, your home needs to be secured. This means you should have locks for your doors and windows, peepholes and other necessary safety measures to keep away burglars and other intruders. Most buildings will have a security system, so you shouldn’t worry, but it’s still important to whatever you can to make your home safer. You can also look into buying additional locks, cameras, and other essentials.


2.      Maintenance and repairs

Now that your home is secured and safe to live in look into maintenance and repairs that it needs.
Although apartment buildings tend to have regular maintenance, it’s vital that you look into specifics. You could hire a professional contractor for this purpose, too, having them evaluate and check for water damage, electrical

issues, drywall and other such problems, so you have a ballpark estimate of all the repairs that you need.
This is especially important for the next thing that you do because your home insurance will not cover maintenance anyway. This is why getting the necessary maintenance work done before buying a premium can make a difference.

3.     Home and apartment insurance

We offer residents of Paramount, CA homeowner and apartment Insurance Paramount. Our premium helps you protect your rights as a homeowner while ensuring that your move is safe and successful. You shouldn’t have to worry about theft, damage and other issues that come with owning a home because we’ve got you covered.

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Other things to look out for include appliances and electronics, paint, lighting, and bathrooms, fixtures, and more aesthetic concerns such as décor. Buying your first home is exciting, but the checklist is lengthy—but so worth it!


Here’s How Motorcycle Insurance Works in Paramount, CA

Motorcycle crashes can cause very serious injuries to both the driver and the guest passenger. According to the experts at Forbes, for motorcyclists to be safer on the US roads, there is a need to:

.        Invest in crash warning and prevention systems

·        Get adequate motorcycle insurance

Here’s all you need to know about motorcycle insurance in Paramount, CA:

How Are Motorcycle Insurance and Car Insurance Different?

Motorcycle insurance coverage is different from traditional vehicle insurance. The insurance that covers your regular passenger will not pay for the damage if
they crash on their motorcycle. Anyone driving a bike without the required
insurance will be subject to the same penalties as someone driving a regular
uninsured vehicle.

If you’re driving a car, your auto insurance policy covers your passengers too.
However, in the case of a motorcycle insurance policy, you need to buy separate passenger liability coverage for the guest. 

Other than that, personal injury protection from motorcycle insurance is generally more expensive compared to car insurance. This is because motorcycle crashes lead to far more severe injuries than car crashes. According to Reuters, motorcycle crash injuries also cost twice as much as car crash injuries to treat. 

For the motorcycle insurance, you might need to pay additional premiums if you have add-ons like a backrest, helmet, and saddlebags

An insured motorcyclist on the roads in Paramount, CA

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provides financial protection if you’ve met an accident and you aren’t at fault. Let’s say another driver is at fault and they aren’t insured enough. This coverage will help you pay for the damages. The uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage usually pays for medical costs, bike repairs, and other expenses. If you don’t have the policy, you’ll have to pay for the damages yourself. This is like an additional assurance that makes the overall policy more affordable.

Required Levels of Coverage

The required levels of motorcycle insurance coverage are the same as that of your car. The law of California mandates that each policyholder purchase a minimum amount of 15/30/5.

This means that your policy must include $15,000 for bodily injury incurred by
someone else on the accident site, $30,000 for injuries sustained by the
passengers, and $5,000 for any property damage. These are the minimum amount of coverage requirements. However, you can always purchase higher coverage than the minimum requirements.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Paramount, CA.

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Controllable Factors That Affect You Renter’s Insurance Cost

Renter’s insurance primarily depends on two factors:

·      The likelihood of damage to your home

·       The cost of repairing or replacing the home

Most applicants aren’t aware of how each factor influences their premiums. As a result, they end up feeling frustrated when they see a hefty bill.

Here’s a guide to help you through:

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

The more insurance you need, the higher your premium will be. In the renter’s
insurance case, you need to see whether the policy provides replacement value
or reimburses the actual cash value. Make a list of your belongings and consider the total cost of replacing each item. The total sum is the amount of
coverage that you need after an event of a disaster.

Pro tip: For expensive items such as jewelry and antiques, consider purchasing an additional insurance policy rather than paying for a higher renter’s insurance coverage.

The Construction of Your Home

To determine the insurance premium, the company will note how well the building has been maintained. If the building is new or has updated roofs, plumbing systems, and heating appliances, it’ll be less expensive to insure than older buildings.

To save up on the insurance costs, contact your landlord and get a list of all the
recent home improvements and upgrades. Similarly, if your house has a wooden stove, your premiums will be higher. This is because they carry a higher risk of experiencing fires and carbon dioxide poisoning.

Financial Data

The tenant’s credit history and debt profile also have an essential role to play.
This helps the insurer ascertain that you’ll be able to pay your premium on
time. The more confident they are that you’d be able to pay, the lesser the
insurance risk.

Before visiting the insurer’s office, we recommend working on building your credit score. Pay off any liabilities that you can and keep your personal inventory in-hand.

An illustration depicting a renter’s insurance policy for a family in Paramount, CA.

The location

Your insurance risk also depends on how risky your neighborhood is. The insurance service will determine the crime rate in your area, proximity to fault lines, distance from the nearest fully-staffed fire department, and the area’s
susceptibility to natural disasters.

Simultaneously, apartments are also less expensive and more comfortable to insure than full houses because they’re smaller. If your apartment has a carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, and a sprinkler system, it’ll be less expensive to insure.

Apartments are also cheaper to insure because there is little or no outdoor space. This means that the insurer won’t have to pay for any outdoor accidents
and perils. This is why properties with yards and pools are expensive to insure.

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Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance in Lynwood, CA.

Comprehensive and collision auto insurance are two kinds of car insurance that protect your car from damage.

However, they don’t cover the same kinds of damage. If you want to bolster your car’s protection, it’s best to get both kinds of insurance since they cover fairly common kinds of damage.

Of course, that will vary by case, so you’ll need to know the specifics to decide whether to opt for one or both. Here are the specifics of and differences between each kind of insurance.  

Collision Auto Insurance

As the name suggests, collision auto insurance covers vehicle damage that’s sustained due to a collision. Collision
auto insurance isn’t limited to just collisions with other vehicles. For instance, collisions with infrastructural or natural objects, like potholes or trees, are also covered.

Additionally, if your car loses control and rolls over, the damages sustained will be covered by this policy. While this
doesn’t fully cover it, damages sustained while your car is moving are covered by collision auto insurance.

Some totaled cars on a truck


Comprehensive Auto Insurance

The best way to understand comprehensive auto insurance is to think of it as covering all non-collision damages.

For instance, if a tree falls on your car, as opposed to you colliding with it, comprehensive auto insurance will cover
the damage.

Besides tree-related damages, the policy also covers vandalism, natural disasters, and animal collisions.

Again, an easy yet overly simple way to think about comprehensive auto insurance is that it covers damages sustained while your car is idle. Some exceptions can be hail-related damages or animal collisions while driving.

Things to Consider

Both insurance policies aren’t necessary for every driver. Consider how often you drive and how much traffic you face
when traveling. If you face a lot of traffic and drive for long periods, collision auto insurance may be necessary.

Then, consider where you park and leave your car. If you aren’t parking in a secure place, comprehensive auto insurance would be helpful. Lastly, consider your financial situation before you decide to get insurance. No matter how necessary car insurance is, if you can’t afford
it, you’re not going to get it.

Auto insurance is an essential part of keeping your car and finances healthy. The costs of repairs that car insurance avoids more than justify its premium and cost. If you’re looking for cheap, local car insurance Lynwood, CA, get in touch with us, at Global Guard Insurance Services. Besides auto insurance, we also offer business and renters insurance Lynwood CA.

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3 Safety Features to Pay Attention to When Buying a Car in Lynwood, CA

Budding car owners have some general criteria that they keep in mind while looking for cars. The priority of each criterion varies. For instance, some people may value performance over appearance. These criteria are further subdivided into different metrics.

For example, performance could mean fuel economy or top speed, whereas appearance could mean interior or exterior aesthetic. However, regardless of all other criteria, safety should be a top priority. Here are some safety features to look out for when buying a car.

Seat Belts

If you’ve ever jerked or moved forward with a lot of power in a car seat, you’ve probably noticed that your seat belt prevents you from moving. During a collision, a lot of force is exerted on you, leading to a higher risk of injury. A seatbelt is designed to prevent this, thereby reducing the risk of injury and death. Virtually all cars come with seat belts, but there are some additional features that improve their safety.

When looking at a car’s seat belts, check to see if there are lap seat belts, adjustable upper belts, and a seat beltpretensioner.

A mechanic working on a car.


Seat belts pull you back into your seat, whereas airbags push you back into your seat. An airbag complements a seatbelt by reducing the chance of you hitting your car’s dashboard in an accident.

If you aren’t wearing a seat belt, however, an airbag can harm and even injure you due to the force exerted. Additionally, check to see if the car comes with side airbags. These improve the car’s safety by preventing you from hitting the doors.

Antilock Brake System

An ABS prevents a car’s wheels from locking up when suddenly braking. This increases the driver’s steering control before a collision, for example. Check to see if the car has an ABS and if the ABS comes with a brake assist. A brake assist can sense emergency braking and increase the braking power, which is vital to preventing an accident.

While safety features will protect you and your car from harm, they aren’t entirely effective. If you are in an accident,
it helps to have car insurance to mitigate the ensuant steep repair costs.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft? Here’s All You Need to Know

Auto insurance is a legal contract that guarantees your car’s protection in case of financial losses caused by theft or accidents. Insured individuals pay a premium every year, in exchange for which insurance companies agree to pay for the incurred losses mentioned in the contract. 


Auto insurance policies are typically renewable and are issued for a six-month or one-year timeframe. While you have the option to personalize your auto insurance coverage options, basic auto insurance provides coverage for property, liability, and medical. According to the Insurance Information Institute, property coverage covers any damage caused to the car; liability coverage covers the legal responsibility of any injuries or physical damage incurred, while medical coverage includes the payment of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and funeral expenses. 


More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States every year. The rising number of vehicle theft raises concerns among policyholders about vehicle theft coverage. While some policies might cover theft associated with automobiles, your insurance advisor can further help you clarify your contract in the context of vehicle theft.

In Case Of A Break-In

A car break-in involves broken windows, smashed tires, or a damaged ignition system. This damage can be covered if you choose to opt for comprehensive
coverage for your auto insurance policy.


A comprehensive insurance policy helps you pay for damage caused by collision, theft, or natural disasters. You can also claim a loss if the vehicle is subjected to fire, an explosion, or accidents involving animals.

car with broken glass

In Case Of Vehicle Theft

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your vehicle has been stolen. Most policyholders are usually confused about filing a claim for stolen cars and how to be reimbursed for the loss. Having liability insurance is mandatory for all licensed drivers.


However, liability insurance does not cover the costs of vehicle theft. Therefore, it becomes essential to purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy because it pays for the value of your car if it is stolen. 


It is crucial to provide the company with the car’s documents and its value so that the claimed loss can be covered without hassle. 

In Case Of Stolen Personal Items

Some thieves don’t steal your car; they’re more interested in stealing your belongings from the vehicle. While comprehensive coverage can cover damaged cause due to the break-in, unfortunately, an auto insurance policy does not cover the costs of personal items present in the automobile.

These belongings, however, can be covered by homeowners or renter’s insurance Long Beach CA. Therefore, if your car is subject to a break-in and your personal items are missing, you will be required to file multiple (at least 2) insurance claims. You should consult with a professional insurance agent for further guidance. 

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