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We, as mothers, have the same common denominators and that is -always wanting the best for our kids.
As a mother, we don’t just live by the word of it. Below are just few of our unbelievable but lovable tasks we endure each day. I know, Some of you can add more into it.
Mother as a Cook
Yes, not all of us knows how to cook. But, what would you do if your pretty one would tell you “ Mom, can you please baked some cookies for me? “
Would you tell No, Of course, you’ll try.
Thanks to the internet we got access to youtube.
Mother As a Housekeeper
Even though, we have our own jobs it is also one of our priority to keep and maintain the cleanliness of our abode.
Remember, there’s this adage that says “ There is no place like home.”
Mother as A friend
Amongst all, this one is my favourite. A bit hard but will give you contentment.
As a mother, you are your child’s first friend. His/her confidante in her/his first trouble.
Her/his first companion to school until you’ll reach to the point that some of them won’t already let you to kiss them in public.
Mother As an Accountant
Agree? Whether we like it our not, we may hate numbers but it is our job to handle the expenses. From electricity bills, tuition fees, foods and more.
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